Gold Fluvium is a national and internatinonal company with more than 20 years of experience, whose main objective is to collaborate with companies and public institutions in order to guarantee the quality of its products, innovate the processes and implement the your projects.


Gold Fluvium has specialized collaborators in the industrial and environmental areas, helping to develop new concepts in engineering projects, trough the analysis, creation and presentation of solutions for their ideas. We intend to contribute to the various sectors of activity with a rational management of natural resources, providing a sustainable development for the exploration and environmental requalification, as well as guaranteeing the safety and hygiene of the working conditions of the workers.


Gold Fluvium has a quality policy than is driven by the pursuit of excellence in its field of activity and its main objectives are to comply with good professional pratices in order to ensure the quality of results and services in order to satisfy customers trough following pratices:


- Ensure professional secresy;


- Ensure Gold Fluvium is not involved in any activities that could diminish confidence in competence, impartiality, evaluation or operational integrity in order to avoid conflicting activities;


- To have human resources to reach the quality levels agreed with the clients, ensuring professional updating through training actions;


- Require the same quality assurance to suppliers;


- Promote internal and external quality communication between stakeholders;


- To train and motivate the whole staff in the achievement of the defined objectives and to encourage their participation;


- Constant improvement of the activities developed by the company;